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Artist Voices

  • Britt Henze

    My art has only one requirement: color. I work in two distinct styles, abstract and geometric-and color is what unites them. I believe these two different processes allow me to be the dichotomous person that I am- on one hand someone who is loose, mellow, meditative and spiritual. And on the other someone who is a control freak, meticulous, rigid and anxious. I work through this duality and explore the particular subsets of each trait in my series and murals.

  • John Wentz

    My work centers on liminal states of passage and being; more specifically the conversation of death and transition through the lens of cultural ritual and dialogue.

  • Cinnamon Cooney

    Cinnamon Cooney is a third generation artist, wife and mother to three amazing kids. A few years ago, I began to share my passion and love of painting on YouTube. My mission was, and still is To Make Art Free and Accessible to Everyone!