Alexey Steele


“The cretacolor sepia family are just exquisite hard pastels. They flow and dance in your hand over a sheet of good paper embracing its tooth with fabulous combination of control and flexibility. They are hard enough to be controllable and precise, yet soft enough to be rapid and expressive in describing the form. They also are remarkably fine in the way their ground pigment and binder come together which gives their grain grabbing the tooth of paper a particularly airy, gentle and at the same time firm feel. They sharpen smoothly and evenly.”


Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1967, Alexey Steele began his systematic art training at an early age in the studio of his father Leonid Steele – a renowned Russian painter. He furthered his professional education at the prestigious Surikov Art Institute of the Soviet Academy of Arts in Moscow under internationally acclaimed artist, Illia Glazunov.