Cinnamon Cooney


Hi! I’m Cinnamon Cooney, Your Art Sherpa. I am a third generation artist, wife and mother to three amazing kids. A few years ago, I began to share my passion and love of painting on YouTube. My mission was, and still is To Make Art Free and Accessible to Everyone! I believe that by being an art guide rather than an art teacher, I create classes that leave room for personal growth no matter if you are a beginner or long time painter. I was the winner of Youtube’s Next UP, and am the creator of the very popular Acrylic April 30 day challenge. My YouTube channel has grown and spilled over to several Facebook groups and other social media platforms. I am an art guide to more than 1 million new students monthly in 250 countries. People of all ages and levels discover their inner artists with me every day.

I call myself The Art Sherpa because I have climbed these art mountains for years and know many paths to get to the summit. I put myself in the position of “guide” over the idea of “expert”, hence, my show name. The best creative advice I can share is that there is no way to measure the value of art, or how it impacts the course of a life, and that is what the value is – in the creative process.

I believe my style is different from many art teachers. My passion includes helping my community restore the ultimate spiritual right as a human being to be artistically imaginative and creative. I teach the skills of art, techniques, terms, and methods as well as the emotional skills of art. In the Sherpa-dom, ‘talent’ is a myth replaced with practice of skills, determination, perseverance, and life story. This is the wellspring of art, not a genetic lottery, and anyone can be an artist even if they have been told differently in the past.”

I have created 1000+ art lesson videos, 150 downloadable books, that are shared for free with the world. I sincerely want to guide the student’s experience with a servant’s heart and encourage painters to be the artist they were meant to be rather than to paint like me.


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