Daniel Keys


“For me, superior quality linen is a necessity. I cannot possibly achieve the variety of effects I desire to have in a painting without the use of proper tools. Artfix L64C meets my standards without question and allows me the freedom needed to create without the worry of whether or not my canvas will withstand whatever I choose to put it through, as well as the tests of time.”


As an artist committed to excellence in all that I do, my materials must also reflect this high standard. Sennelier paints are clean, highly pigmented, and permanent. By using quality paints, I’m assured that my work will maintain its initial integrity even when I’m gone. Recommended to me by artist friends, I invested in a tube of King’s Blue. My hesitations to do so were short lived after using it for the first time. It’s now a prominent member of my palette family, and I enjoy using it throughout nearly every painting. It’s highly pigmented and mixes brilliantly with colors like permanent rose and alizarin crimson, making some of the most beautiful purples and violets I’ve even seen.