David Kassan


“I have been using Isabey and Raphael brushes now for the last 14 years, the brushes are high quality and responsive. I am constantly evolving as an artist, especially trying out lots of new materials all of the time, but I always seem to go back to my tried and true Isabey and Raphael brushes.”


David Jon Kassan is an internationally recognized contemporary portrait artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He has received many awards, including 1st Place in the Portrait Society of America International Exhibition (2009) and the 1st Place Prize for Portraiture at The National Academy (2004). Kassan’s work has also appeared in numerous publications, including International Artist Magazine and Drawing Magazine as well book publications such as The Upset: Young Contemporary Art (2008). David Jon Kassan’s artwork is represented by Gallery Henoch (Chelsea), New York, NY.