Laurin Mccracken


“I am a realist watercolorist and my goal is to capture what I see in as much detail as possible in watercolor. The famous Germany artist Albrecht Durer said “The more accurately your work represents life, the better it will appear.”


I believe that using the highest quality material in the creation of my art adds to the quality of my painting. I use exclusively Fabriano’s Artistico paper. For my still life paintings, I use Fabriano 300 pound Soft Press paper. This paper finish is unique to Fabriano. One of the many reasons that I use Fabriano paper is because it is one of the whitest papers available. When I paint a still life that includes highlights on glass or silver I want those highlights to be the whitest that they can be in order create the sparkle on life of these hard materials. The paper works with me to create this effect. The Soft Press finish, because it is relatively smooth, allows me to get the highest degree of detail that I desire. Because of the quality of the fibers of the a paper, when I need to make a smooth transition of value, such as on the side of pear or the handle of a silver teapot, the paper works with me to achieve the effect of creating a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface. It is almost like the paper is painting with me.

I highly recommend Fabriano paper for any type of watercolor. The range of finishes and sizes should respond to anyone’s needs.”