Vincent Xeus


“I remember discovering Sennelier paints like it was yesterday. The stiff-buttery texture and intense colors are the testaments of Sennelier's century old paint-making tradition. What took me by heart is how I felt every time I worked with the paints. King's Blue, Cadmium Red, Cobalt Green Light and Prussian Blue are some of the constant components of my basic palette. Sennelier paints have become part of my art over the years, hence, part of me.”


Vincent Xeus was born in Central China in the early 1980s. By age 14, his work has been published in national newspaper and acquired by collectors overseas. In 1988, Vincent went to the United States, and graduated with a B.A. in Architecture with High Honors from University of California, Berkeley in 2006, and founded Marque Design in 2008.