As you know Savoir-Faire was 2 weeks away from merging with Macpherson when on March 16th, 2020 Shelter in Place was required because of the New Covid pandemic. With such an unknown situation, our deal with Mac was interrupted for good reasons: Who could tell what our future would be? Our priority shifted greatly: keeping our families safe and healthy and following the health protocols.

The Savoir-Faire Team reacted exceptionally well: We quickly set up remote work capabilities and we were rewarded with a fantastic and devoted warehouse and operation’s team who were willing to work in the warehouse. We had our European containers landing in California that needed to be dealt with and we also continued getting orders. We set up “social-distanced” shipping stations and doubled down on janitorial crews. Thanks to our wonderful staff and all of us working 6 days a week we made it through the bad days.

A few months went by and your stores were able to reopen as Covid cases were slowing down, so Macpherson and Savoir-Faire resumed the merger project. We believe that we will be able to finalize the merger by MID NOVEMBER.

We recommend that you place substantial orders no later than November 14th to last you through the Holiday season as we anticipate the flow of shipping to be disrupted for about 3 weeks during the inventory transfer to the MacPherson warehouses. All of us will help make the transition as smooth as possible and answer questions. Also be reassured that after the acquisition all your prices will be maintained and offered by MacPherson.

For Pierre and I it is a big “page turning “event. We created Savoir-Faire 40 years ago! Of course we are already melancholic but at the same time very excited about the new phase of Savoir Faire: a bigger team to promote our Brands, a much more robust technology and operation and great people to work with. We strongly believe that this merger will bring to you the best of both worlds.

Thank you for your support during all these wonderful years,
Maureen Labro and Pierre Guidetti

Maureen Labro

Pierre Guidetti