The name Lascaux is well known for the caves in the Dordogne region of France, where the earliest artistic works of man are found, dating back to the Paleolithic era. It also stands for a range of high quality, Swiss made artists’ colors - the Lascaux Colors.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Product Concentration:

Artists' Acrylic


In the 1950’s, Alois K. Diethelm, founder and manufacturer of Lascaux Colors & Restoration, became intrigued with the idea of producing high quality art materials. His idea was to make use of the latest advances in synthetic resin in combination with the purest, most brilliant pigments available to create a modern paint with the highest standards, while still retaining the advantages of traditional oil and tempera colors. Through research and experimentation, he realized his technical goals by judiciously selecting the best combination of raw materials available to him. Lascaux’s true secret however, and the reason for the growing number of artists who exclusively use Lascaux acrylics, is professional dedication to quality and the close contact they have kept with professional artists and color experts.

In addition to the creation of advanced, modern paints, Lascaux also concentrated on developing other products that would extend the possibilities for artists using acrylics. These additions, the mediums, gels and pastes, greatly expand the scope of new techniques while maintaining the durability and quality characteristics of Lascaux colors. When the special handling and mixing properties of Lascaux Colors are joined with the various painting aids, a unique, compatible, intermixable system is formed; one capable of unsurpassed diversity and creativity.