Pastel Pencil Assortments

Pastel Pencil Assortments

Cretacolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils are perfect for fine detailed work. Their rich pigmentation and lightfastness guarantee brilliant results. The colors have a soft, velvety-smooth stroke, powdery texture and can be blended with one another, smudged or dissolved with water.

The 72 intense colors are also available in two small Cretacolor 36-color cubes (13”x11”x6 3⁄4”). Being the same, the racks can be put side-by-side or on top of each other.

Savoir-Faire also called the two assortments “Essential Assortment of 36 colors” and “Additional Assortment of 36 colors”. And the ease of ordering is the same as for the Aqua Monolith.

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California Proposition 65 Warning

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    Pastel Pencils – basic 36 colours (Asst #1)

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    Pastel Pencils – additional 36 colours (Asst #2)

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