Traditional Oil Mediums/Varnishes

Traditional Oil Mediums/Varnishes

Sennelier’s extra-fine additives for oils are essential to fully appreciate the qualities of extra-fine oil-based paint. Our additives allow painters to follow their creative instincts by enabling them to alter the working properties of the colors to suit their artistic needs.

There are four types of additives: 

Thinners (also called spirits) enable you to modify the liquidity of the paints, by dissolving the pastes and thus make it easier to work with colors. Most often made with petroleum spirits and oils, thinners are used during the first stages of production in order to respect the “thick on thin” rule, allowing for quicker drying.

Mediums ensure the work’s cohesion to surfaces and can modify the drying time. They also change the consistency and appearance of the finish by modifying the gloss, highlighting particular areas or facilitating impasto techniques. Mediums are especially valuable when working Plein Air.

Driers, as their name suggests, speed up the drying process or, more accurately, the hardening of the paint. The role of driers is to both increase drying qualities of the paint and harmonize hardening types. They must be used in moderation.

Varnishes change the final appearance of the painting prior to any preservation of the work. These are used to protect a work from natural and chemical harm. They are to be applied only on completely dry paintings, in two phases.

Proposition 65 Warning

California Proposition 65 Warning

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  • 10-130180

    Turner Transparent Glazing Medium 40ml Tube

    3046450466918 *

  • 10-130182

    Van Eyck Gel Medium 40ml Tube

    3046450466932 *

  • 10-130183

    Gel’n Dry 40ml Tube

    3046450466949 *

  • 10-133511

    Damar Gum Crystals 100g Bag


  • 10-135036

    Refined Safflower Oil 75ml Bottle


  • 10-135037

    Refined Safflower Oil 250ml Bottle


  • 10-135193

    Turner Painting Medium 250ml Bottle


  • 10-135371

    Venice Turpentine 32ml Bottle

    3046450139119 *

  • 10-135373

    Venice Turpentine 120ml Bottle

    3046450282280 *

  • 10-135531

    Universal Medium 75ml Bottle

    3046450467038 *

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