Lama Li Garlands are made of simple shapes sewn together to create playful 5′ long colorful garlands. Hang from the ceiling or place in front of the window as an accent. Decorate your dining table or adorn your presents. Embellish your Christmas tree or your mantelpiece. Offer them as stocking stuffers, thank you gifts or birthday presents. Great for baby showers, birthday parties and special events. The garlands come in several shapes: Butterflies, Birds, Hearts, Circles and Planets, flowers, snowflakes, Eifel Towers, Seashore stars and shells, all in assorted solid colors or prints.

Each garland is handmade in Nepal by local artisans. Colors and prints vary per pack. They are produced with Lokta paper which uses a plant that regenerates every six years. The Lamali company is committed to social responsibility, environmental conservation and maintaining traditional Nepalese culture. A portion of all proceeds goes towards rural economic development projects.


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Color #
Product Name
UPC Code
  • 82-1098

    Garlands “Elephant” (Asst. 5 Pack)


  • 82-1099

    Garlands “Small Heart” (Asst. 5 Pack)


  • 82-1100

    Garlands “Small Butterfly” (Asst. 5 Pack)


  • 82-830

    Garlands “Blossom” Tiny Jasmine Flowers – Pack of 5 Assorted


  • 82-832

    Garland Harlequin – Pack of 5 Assorted


  • 82-833

    Garlands “Flutter” Butterfly – Pack of 5 Assorted


  • 82-834

    Garlands “Chirp” Bird – Pack of 5 Assorted


  • 82-836

    Garlands Hearts – Pack of 5 Asstd colors on Plain Paper


  • 82-837P

    Garlands Hearts – Pack of 5 Asstd colors on Printed Paper


  • 82-838

    Garlands 3D Circles – Pack of 5 Asstd colors on Plain Paper


  • 82-839

    Garlands “Seashore” – Pack of 5 Assorted


Showing all 11 results