edding 1340 brush pen – azure blue

The edding German-made 1340 brush pen features a flexible brush nib that fosters the sensuous feeling of drawing on paper and cardboard. Users can both create fine details thanks to the precise point, and broad brushstrokes over large areas. The creativity is limitless, from drawing and coloring on flat and uneven surfaces to decorating napkins for a fun event. The flexible nib also allows for painting soft materials such as rubber stamps with various colors for cool stamping. The 20 luminous colors offer a wide range that can be blended on the surface. Even more fun, the colors can be blended through capillarity by having the nibs touch each other; it then momentarily creates a brand new color. The odorless water based ink is water soluble until dry and does not bleed through the paper.

SKU: 4-1340085