edding 1500 Semi-Opaque Tinting White Pastel Pen

The edding 1500 pastel pen features water based pigmented ink that produces a light, semi-transparent white effect. edding 1500 owes its name to the fact that the pen delivers a pastel-like effect to colors that have already been laid down. The German-made pen is great for coloring white spots, shading and special effect on dark colored paper. Increasing the opacity is also possible by letting the first coat dry, and going back as many times as wanted for more or less intensity. Its lightfastness is a great benefit to more fugitive products as it makes them more permanent. The nib delivers stroke from 1 to 3 mm, making the odorless pen ideal for a wide array of uses. Just like the 55, 1200, 1300 and 1340 with which it is recommended, the 1500 contains a special ink that prevents bleeding through the paper. The edding 1500 white pastel pen is included in the Big Happy Box, the ultimate fun coloring assortment. Made in Germany.

SKU: 4-1500049