edding1880 drawliner black – 0.25mm nib

The edding 1880 black drawliner is a precision fine liner recommended for light-colored paper. The product features a metal framed plastic nib available in stroke widths of .2mm, .25mm, .3mm, .35mm, .45mm, .5mm, .7mm and .8 mm, ensuring a wide spectrum that enables all permanent drawing techniques, from technical and stenciling to Zen-Tangling and urban sketching. The pigment ink is both waterproof and extremely lightfast. There is neither smudging nor bleeding, and both neutral smell and quick drying allow for in-door and out-door experiences. The clip on the cap allows to attach the pen onto the notebook or wherever deemed practical. When drawing or sketching, the cap can be temporarily stored on the end of the barrel, making for uncomplicated, spontaneous creativity.
The convenient set of four 1880 drawliners is perfect when being on the go. The compact plastic set includes an assortment of four nibs: .1mm; .3mm; .5mm; and .7mm.

SKU: 4-188001001