MegaColor Light Grey

What about a substantial colored pencil that can also be used for details? Cretacolor just came up with the answer: The MegaColor Pencil as a complement to the MegaGraphite. With a 6.4mm-diameter lead, the Artist Quality Pencils are the biggest in the market place. And there is much more:

  • Highly Pigmented
  • Opaque with Great Coverage
  • Fine & Broad Lines
  • Brilliant Colors
  • Great Blending Capabilities
  • Perfect for Layering
  • Soft and Rich Color Stroke
  • Creamy and Slightly Waxy
  • Hexagonal for Better Grip
  • Glued Lead to Casing Prevents Breakage

Giving the range a decidedly modern look, the pencils feature a transparent lacquer except for the ¾” tip that conveniently indicate the true color of the pencil. The name of the color, product number and bar code are all featured on the side of the pencil. Their $2.65 MSRP is another incentive to make the 36 color range a house and studio staple.

SKU: 15-29-232