edding 3300 Permanent Marker Assortment

All Permanent Marker ranges are hosted in convenient modules. These can be put on any shelf, or hooked to the edding comprehensive display rack.
Due to their difference sizes, none of the Markers are merchandised the same way. The Jumbo Markers (800 and 850) should be individually hosted head down in cavities formed in a PVC tray that is nestled in the edding Plexiglas base. Both Regular Markers (3000 and 3300) and edding 1 lay horizontally in the same type of module as most of the edding pens and markers, the difference being that the 1 Markers occupy a half display so that the MINI sets can be displayed in a PVC tray lined with grooves designed to accommodate them. The edding 11 Retractable Permanent Markers are shown in an angled tray, each of the four colors being partitioned with separators to keep them tidy.
All edding bases are 9 ½” (W) x 10 ½” (D), and the heights vary depending on the types of products (Jumbo: 8”; Regular & Miniature: 12 ½”; and Retractable a few inches only).

SKU: 4-Perm3300