Fabriano Layout Marker Pad 8.25″ x 11.7″, 75g 70 sheets (Markers)

The Fabriano Layout Pad Collection could have been called the “Marker Pad Collection” for the paper’s exceptional ability to take all felt pens and markers (even alcohol based). The 8.25″x11.75″ and 11.75″x16.50″ pads hold 70 sheets of a lightweight (75gsm/40lbs) slick extra-white paper that is completely bleed-proof thanks to its proprietary sizing. The paper is ideal for calligraphy and sketching, as well as technical and graphic drawing, but its weight also makes it suitable for tracing. The very Italian fashion-themed cover will surely make it stand out on any store display. $19.95 and $34.95 retail.

SKU: 71-19100505